Senior Citizen Solid Waste Disposal Discount


If you are a senior citizen, you are entitled to a discount on your "County Solid Waste Disposal Fee" which shows up as "COUNTY SOLID WASTE SW" on your property tax bill, which you receive each year around November 1. The discount is about $25+ per year. Not exactly a fortune, but every little bit helps. And you only have to apply once. After that, the County will automatically discount it for you year-after-year! And if you live in a condo, you also get a discount because condo dwellers don't generate as much yard waste as a single home for the County to pickup and dispose of! The County seems to already know if you live in a qualified condo association. And if you are a senior citizen and live in a condo you get both discounts! What a deal!

Technically, to qualify for the Senior Citizen Discount on your next Property Tax bill for next year, you must be at least 65 years of age by January 1. You must own and live in the residential unit you list on the form. And your residence must also be located in the Hillsborough County Solid Waste collection service area. And you must already be paying solid waste assessments, in particular, County Solid Waste SW (disposal) and a person must reapply if they purchase/move into another home. If you have questions about qualifying, call the friendly folks at (813) 964-2739 - then 0 for a customer rep.

In addition to the discount, there are certain benefits in the new trash collection program for senior citizens. And the way that the Public Utilities Department will validate your being a senior citizen is if you have applied for or are receiving their Senior Citizen Solid Waste Disposal Discount. So now is the time to apply for the discount so that you'll get the discount on all your future Property Tax Bills and also that you'll be onboard for the senior citizen trash bin benefits.

A Senior Citizen Discount is available when a homeowner turns 65 years of age. To check if you are already getting the discount, look at your Property Tax Bill which you received back in November. Look for the item under "Non-Ad Valorem Assessments" called "COUNTY SOLID WASTE SW".

For 2020:

  • The standard non-discounted amount is $102.89.
  • The Senior Citizen discounted amount is $73.32.
  • The Condo Resident discounted amount is $66.30.
  • If you are a Senior Citizen and a Condo Resident, the discounted amount is $46.23.

So if your last property tax bill shows the discounted amount above that agrees with your status for "COUNTY SOLID WASTE SW", you do not need to apply again because the County already knows you're an old fart. You are set for life!

But, if you are not getting any discounts and you are or will be age 65 this year, by all means apply for the discount. You only have to apply once and the County will take care of it after that.

For the Instructions and Application Form for the discount, click here, which is the County's webpage for the discount. For the Application Form, click on the "Apply" block in the header of that page.

One of the required fields on the Application Form is your Property Folio Number. If you don't know know what it is, you can look up your Folio Number on the internet:

  • Go to the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser's website by clicking here.
  • Click on "Basic Search". Select "Owner Name Search" or "Address Search" from the panel at the left.
  • If you are searching by your address, enter the "Street", do not enter the type of street. For example, if you were looking for Burlington Circle, only enter the word Burlington, not Burlington Circle. For West Del Webb, the Street Direction is "W" and the Street Name is "Del Webb".
  • Click on "Search" records.
  • Your Folio Number is in the first column.
  • To see the detail for your property, click on its "Parcel ID" number.


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