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Hillsborough County (Florida) is revising Ordinance 03-6 which relates to backflow prevention valves. The Public Utilities Department is recommending to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) that all residential water connections in the County must have some type of backflow prevention device. For premises where the homeowners use County water to irrigate their lawns, the proposed backflow device will be the reliable, tamperproof and relatively inexpensive Dual Check valve, pictured at the left above. For homeowners who have their own pumping system to irrigate their lawns from a pond, lake or well, which is also known as an auxiliary water system, the proposed ordinance will require a Double Check backflow valve, pictured in the middle above. The Double Check is more expensive. The valve on the right is the Reduced Pressure Zone (RP) valve which is proposed for all commercial establishments. It is the most expensive because of its complexity. The red arrows in the two pictures indicate the Test Ports that provide terorists with direct access into the Hillsborough County public drinking water system.

The remainder of this website is primarily directed to homeowners with an "auxiliary water system" who, under the proposed ordinance, will be required to install the Double Check valve, instead of the tamperproof Dual Check valve.

This website is also directed to federal anti-terrorism officials who are charged with preventing homegrown terrorist activities that will bring harm to the citizens of the United States. It is hoped that responsible officials will determine that Double Check and RP (Reduced Pressure) backflow valves do violate federal anti-terrorism laws and will put that in writing so that the offending valves can be removed from state and local regulations.

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